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Delaware’s Premier Indoor Golf Club
Located in Ocean View, Delaware

3 State of the Art Trackman Simulators
Play, Learn, Train, and Entertain

24 Hour Access, 365 Days a Year
Locally Owned and Operated

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World Class Indoor Golf Experience

World Class Indoor Golf Experience

The Foreland Club is an exclusive, indoor golf club in Ocean View, Delaware. Equipped with 3 Tour Proven, Trackman Simulators, powered by the same Trackman 4 unit that is owned/used by 90 of the top 100 PGA Tour Players.

For the same price of a round of golf for your local foursome (or less), you can become a monthly member and host the rest of your foursome at no additional charge, for an entire month!


You also can work on your game individually and get a true understanding of your golf swing. "Why guess when you can measure?"

The club is open and accessible 24 hours a day, all year long, so you can practice or play anytime you’d like!

Indoor Golf Courses

Practice Better, Play Better

Each Trackman bay provides you with the same data that the best players in the world use every day to improve their games.


With intuitive software and very knowledgeable staff, even those who aren't too familiar with tech will be navigating everything with ease in the first session or two.


The system also allows you to utilize iOS devices to record slow-motion video from any angle you would like.


You can also load up any of the 250+ championship golf courses and practice from any position, while still quantifying your feels with selected data.

We will also be implementing 3D analysis through SportsboxAI later this year for members and their friends/family who want biomechanical data for themselves! 

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TrackMan Golf Simulator

Private Club Feel

Each of the 3 simulator bays feature 16’ wide screens with very high lumen, 4K upscaled Epson projectors, making you feel truly immersed in the experience.

Relax in the lounge, watching the game/tournament with family, friends, and coworkers while enjoying your own food and beverages.

In the warmer months, the balcony will be a very popular place to congregate and enjoy the weather and the great views of our neighbor club, Bear Trap Dunes.

Open 24-7-365, Bring Friends and Family

With limited memberships available, you have plenty of access to reservations. Book your times through the online booking platform and schedule times to use the facility any time, day or night.  

The building is in a very safe community and has security cameras, so it is safe to come play any time day or night.

The weather is always perfect at the club, so you’ll never have to deal with the typical elements of sweltering summer heat or frigid winter chills.

Indoor golf breaks down almost all barriers to typical rounds of golf by being able to play in much less time, no more searching/losing balls in the woods, and feeling hurried by the group behind you.


24 Village Green Drive

Suite 201

Ocean View, DE 19958

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