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Make a Reservation

Once you have an active membership, you may reserve a bay with the member reservation booking link above, up to 14 days in advance.


If you are not currently a member, please contact us to schedule a tour or inquire about our non-member daily hourly availability.


There is no additional cost to bring 3 guests with you to play indoor golf or to hang out in the lounge.  
As a member, you can reserve 2-4 hours (depending on membership type) for a single bay, up to 14 days in advance. In order to book subsequent hours, you must u
se one of the hours booked. You can repeat this process an unlimited number of times with an active membership.

For example, a monthly member has a 2-hour reservation on Saturday morning. In order to book an hour on Sunday (or any other time 14 days in advance), that member would need to use one of their hours on Saturday before booking.

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